Let's all work together for a better society

In difficult times, we have seen the need to try to motivate and help others.

#DoMagicBeHappy and everything it stands for is the brand chosen to lead this new challenge. With Acción Telcia’s support and taking in products and services from other departments of Grupo Telcia, it synthesizes our message in the best possible way.

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Proyecto TicBoard


Private invitations to priority groups and clients

Software made with illusion and hard work that is ready to take prominence. We are going to launch it in advance and make it public as soon as possible, to make it easier for families, schools, and organizations to share information in a totally different way.

Proyecto TicFlow


Private invitations to priority groups and clients

Over 2 years of in-house development and used by all our departments daily to satisfy our internal flows, customer support, ticketing, and task management. We decided to share it with Softflow and make it available to organizations that it can help in difficult times, to function in a coordinated and agile way.

Pinta y Aprende

Children, we also want to be exceptional

Children, we also want to be exceptional

All the magic characters, elements and libraries generated by Grupo Telcia in the last year are being adapted so that children can be entertained while learning what technology does for their families and society. Together with Acción Telcia's programmed projects, we have already begun to draw up a script to support the educational sector and children.

I want to see them

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And you, what do you want to be?